Skateboard Bedroom Decor


If your child loves to skate in skate, then will fascinate this skateboard bedroom for children or young boy who love the skateboard ramp included and graffiti on the wall.Created on a surface of 41 m² for Casa Cor 2010 Brazil for a child ages approximate to 11 and 13 years, all of them inspired by the skateboard or skate.

As they see the room has a mini ramp and a panel of graphite 9,45 m², two strong elements that come from the street, birthplace of the sport. The wall of graffiti is signed by designer and artist of graffiti Luís Antônio.To ensure an atmosphere to the space of the street, the walls of the ramp are painted grey with a specific effect. On the wall of the mini ramp there is a LCD TV, which received several niches containing CDs and DVDs in your environment. A big box of wood near the center of the demolition of the Hall is transformed into a modern futon, along with a small bank to support the laptop or notebook.

The bed is also one worktop full of curves, as well as the streets, which acts as a desktop. The wall behind the bench has been designed with iron bars, including reused a rectangle large housing niche books. The room has still Ottoman covered with recycled canvas, as they had been told in bedrooms 2011, is the theme sustainable decor.

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